Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday Food Find Corner: Alexia Oven Fries

This week's spotlight food is Alexia Oven Fries. As I mentioned yesterday, it's important to keep eating the foods that you enjoy in a healthy way while you're losing weight. French fries are one of those comfort foods that I refuse to give up. But...a medium serving of McDonald's french fries contains a whopping 380 calories and 19 grams of fat...yikes! That's where Alexia products come in. All Alexia products are 100% natural, with no preservatives and zero trans fats. Best of all? They taste FAB! I serve Alexia products at least once a week, and I highly recommend them!

They introduced their yummy oven fries first, and I've been cooking and eating them for several years. They have since expanded their product line to include even more flavors of oven fries, mashed potatoes, lower-fat appetizers, garlic bread and artisan rolls, and -- most recently -- potato and veggie side dishes. Their other products are just as tasty as their oven fries!!

Alexia's Oven Fries average 2-3 WW points per generous serving. They cook up crisp in a hot oven in 20 - 25 minutes. My favorite flavor is the new Spicy Sweet Potato variety. They are spicy from a sprinkling of chipotle pepper on the outside, but then the sweetness of the sweet potato kicks in and cools the spice. Delish! They go especially great with turkey burgers and pulled pork sandwiches.

Most grocery stores carry at least a few varieties of Alexia products, but in my experience Whole Foods carries the widest range of the entire Alexia product line. To make it easier for you to try these fantastic products, I'm going to give away a coupon for one FREE Alexia food item to one of my blog readers!!!!

Here's the scoop...

I was selected to host an Alexia house party this weekend. I'm serving turkey burgers and several varieties of Alexia Oven Fries, along with a trio of dipping sauces. One dipping sauce will be my lowfat salsa-ranch, and another will be a spicy chipotle ketchup. But...I need one more dipping sauce to round out my trio. That's where YOU come in!! My readers have until Friday to send me their best recipe for a healthy dipping sauce. I'll pick the winner on Saturday. The winning dipping sauce will be featured at my party...and the winner will receive a coupon for one free Alexia product. Two other entrants will win an Honorable Mention coupon for $1.00 off any Alexia product.

Please e-mail your dipping sauce recipes to me at wwofford1@satx.rr.com. One last thing: make sure to put your full name and Alexia Dipping Sauce Contest in the header so I don't delete your e-mail by mistake. Good luck...I can't WAIT to see what creative ideas y'all come up with!!

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