Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Taste Test Challenge: Special K Lowfat Granola

This week's taste test spotlight is on Special K's new lowfat granola. I had a $1 off coupon, so I decided to buy a box and give it a try. I don't usually eat granola as cereal since you don't get much bang for your caloric buck. But...I like to sprinkle it on top of a bowl of fresh fruit and yogurt...and it can be a great snack right out of the box!

Granola has long been touted as a healthy, tasty food. It usually contains oats, honey, nuts, and dried fruit...all healthy foods to be sure. The trouble is that most granolas pack a TON of excess fat and sugar in a fairly small serving size. The average granola contains 10 grams of fat per serving, especially if it contains lots of nuts or coconut! Thankfully, the folks who make Special K have come to the rescue with a lower-fat granola that tastes GREAT!

The crunchy granola clusters are sweet, but not overly so compared to many other granolas that I've tried. You can definitely taste the oats and a hint of a vanilla in each bite. A half-cup of this crunchy, honey-kissed granola contains 190 calories, 3 grams of fat, and a whopping 5 grams of fiber (or 3 WW points). Beware: the 1/2-cup serving size is smaller than most cereals. If you were to eat a full cup of this granola with a cup of skim milk for breakfast, you'd consume nearly 500 calories (8 WW points!!). So, it's VITAL to measure a correct portion size of this granola to make sure you don't inadvertently overdo it!!

I'm planning to serve 1/4 cup of this yummy granola sprinkled on top of a fresh strawberry and yogurt parfait for dessert tonight. It should add lots of crunchy goodness for only a few calories and points!!

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