Thursday, March 25, 2010

Taste Test Challenge: Special K Blueberry Fruit Crisp

This week's Taste Test Challenge features a fantastic new product from Special K...Blueberry Fruit Crisps. These crisps are basically a sweet, crispy cracker that's filled with a smear of fruit filling and drizzled with some icing. I've heard them described as similar to a pop tart, which they are...sort of. This is a great little snack or after-dinner treat that's perfect for satisfying that craving for "a little something sweet" without costing you a ton of excess fat or calories.

Each box contains five individually wrapped two-crisp servings, which helps make portion control a snap. Each two-crisp serving contains 100 calories, 2 grams fat, and a trace of fiber (2 WW points). would be nice if they had a bit more fiber, but I don't sweat that so much since I get my daily fiber intake from plenty of other sources.

Some of my friends who have tried these crisps find them to be a bit on the sweet side, but I don't personally think they're too sweet. These fruit crisps pair great with a small container of light yogurt. They also go well with a small bowl of sliced strawberries. These fruit crisps are also available in strawberry, but I prefer the flavor of the blueberry variety. If you go to the Special K website, you can download and print a $1.00 off coupon on your first purchase:

Now...a quick word about my Alexia healthy dipping sauce contest. I've received a few recipe entries, but I want to see MORE!! Tomorrow evening is the deadline. You still have time to submit your recipe to me at

If your recipe is chosen, I'll prepare it and serve it with yummy Alexia oven fries at my Alexia House Party on Sunday evening. In addition, your recipe will be featured in this blog next week for all to see and try. In addition to these kudos, you'll also win a coupon for a FREE Alexia product of your choice + a wooden serving spoon with the Alexia logo imprinted on it.  So...what are you waiting for?!?!? Get those dipping sauce recipes to me ASAP!!!!

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